The Intu blind system works with venetian, pleated/honeycomb and roller blinds and does not require screwing into PVC windows or doors and without any control cords makes Intu a safe by design blind.  The Intu blind does not have a frame around the blind and instead has a top fascia that is clipped onto brackets inserted behind the window/door bead with the blind operating under tension and travelling on side guides.  The blind is simply raised and lowered using the bottom bar with venetian blinds also having a tilting function by the use of a slider on the fascia.

Intu blinds have a range of options including:

  • Can be used with 16mm/25mm venetian, pleated/honeycomb and roller blinds.
  • Fascia and bottom rail available in White, Silver or Brown.
  • Control rod available to control venetian blind tilt slider if hard to reach.
  • Intu Screwfit option for applications that are unable to be fitted without screws such as wooden windows without rubber gasket.
  • Intu Screwfit can be used with pleated and venetian blinds.

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